Is Your Body Rusting The From Inside Out? Similar to external oxidation (rust), free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to the cells in your body. High free radical levels can cause premature aging and disease through oxidative stress which lowers your body’s natural immunity and defense against infections, flus, and viruses like COVID-19. ASSESS RISK YOUR FOR HIGH FREE RADICAL LEVELS AND THEN START YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY TO BETTER HEALTH Risk Assessment

Test Your Free Radical Level

Non-Invasive, Safe and Private

Quick and Easy

Made in USA



Clinically Trialed


What’s My Stress enables you to determine the level of stress on your body caused by free radical activity.

The Test Kit Includes

  • 4 test vials
  • 4 cups
  • 4 plastic tip syringes to extract precise amount of urine from cup without contact
  • 4 tip adapters to transfer the urine to vial without any contact
  • a color chart to record and track your personal stress score and progress
  • detailed instructions

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We are a caring business who makes 100% of products in the USA. We believe in the combination of engineering, science, data, holistic health, and making affordable, easy-to-use products. We believe that everyone can be helped by lowering their free radicals. GO TOWARDS PINK!